While the presidential candidate kept trying to explain "normal human despair," the CNN anchor grilled her about comments related to clinical depression.
The Democratic 2020 candidate once called clinical depression a "scam."
The presidential candidate asked "how many public personalities" using medication "have to hang themselves before the FDA does something" about the drugs.
Breaking down everything you need to know about stopping medication, from the process to side effects.
Every time I’ve stopped or reduced my meds through tapering, I’ve experienced symptoms of discontinuation to some extent.
There’s no shame in taking antidepressants when meditating and veganism just aren't working.
Critics say we're overdiagnosed and overprescribed -- but psychiatrist Neala Rafizadeh, MD, knows just how miraculous medication can be.
An early trial of the drug seems to have downplayed its scariest side effects.
What I need more than anything in 2014 is calm; I need to get off the scale, relax, find balance, eat for health, and parent my children from a place of grace. There is more, but I will not fix everything in 2014; I shall save the rest for another year.
Ed came here from Romania in his mid-50s as a penniless political refugee fleeing the brutal communist regime. All they would let him take out of the country was $100, one suitcase and the clothes on his back.
Our individuality is our blessing and our -- well, curse is too strong a word, but it can be pretty challenging. And I know full well the overwhelming feelings of desperation and helplessness when you think you've tried everything.
Depression is more a social problem than a medical one, and no purely biological cure will be found for it any more than biology alone will cure other social ills such as poverty or child abuse.
The chemical is called ghrelin, and it is naturally produced in the brain and the stomach. It was only discovered in 1999