Experts share how cannabidiol can impact anxiety medication, blood thinners and even pain relievers.
But if the 2016 election affected your mental health, you are not alone.
Teens who used the patch or the IUD were the most at risk.
I am not going through a phase I will outgrow; I have major depressive disorder.
And when you're done resting on your laurels, summon up the courage and strength to devise and take the second step. Now
The researchers do not hide the fact that they are trying to counter birth defect fears. "Although this [pregnancy benefits
By: Julia Bowyer Greenblatt also notes that "what is often missed is that many patients with depression lack the energy and
Polypharmacy was once the exception in psychiatry, now it seems to have become the rule. Patients frequently are taking 3,4, even 5 psych meds at one time. And often it's primary care doctors, not psychiatrists, who are doing the prescribing -- usually without adequate training in psychiatry.
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Up to 45 percent of antidepressant prescriptions are for another condition entirely.
The gold standard treatment for antenatal depression is psychotherapy either with or without pharmacotherapy (medication), depending on specific symptoms. A typical treatment protocol for Jane (listed alphabetically below) combines these with adjunct and complementary therapies for improved healing.
"Think of being depressed in a literal way--as actually being pressed down into a smaller, uncomfortable, more limited version