Larry Charles figures Kramer would believe in QAnon, but "might also be in antifa at the same time to cover his bets.”
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) faced heat after going on a radio show to talk about the Capitol insurrection.
Right-wing groups have spread misinformation that anti-Trump anarchists spurred the Jan. 6 attack. Wray says no evidence of that has surfaced.
Capitol attack defendants, lured to D.C. by a mass voter fraud conspiracy theory, didn't like seeing conspiracy theories steal their credit.
Investigators are looking into possible mysterious foreign bitcoin payments to key extremist figures, NBC reported.
Fox News, Newsmax and Republican politicians get hit with the truth after an attempt to deflect criticism of Trump supporters for the attack on Congress.
The late-night host also dismantled the right's biggest conspiracy about the right-wing violence in Washington.
The president stoked violence as skirmishes broke out in Washington between Trump backers and counterprotesters, leaving one man critically injured.
"Here in America, we don't lock people up for their First Amendment rights," Justin Coffman says the judge told the federal prosecutor in Tennessee.