Antigua Guatemala

Getting everyone together on a family holiday is a pretty special treat, but with only one holiday and several people to
In images, majestic volcanoes rise from the edge of inky waters; the lake appears mysterious, haunting. The deepest lake in Central America, Atitlan had been described by friends as a vortex, a portal, the bellybutton of Mayan civilization.
This past September 15th, Guatemala celebrated 190 years of independence from Spain. Events leading up to this big anniversary were festive and feverishly prideful.
Is it possible to fall in love with a place? I think so. We've spent, if you count up all of the days, After over a week in Antigua, Guatemala, I know for sure, Antigua is my kinda town.
All the ice cream eating was going just fine until I started to feel some uncomfortable rumbling in my stomach. It didn't take long to find the warnings.