We spoke to dermatologists about how to combat the effects of air pollution on our skin.
The oxidizing agents that have accepted electrons become free radicals if the unpaired electrons don't bind to other molecules
Don't try too hard: Avoid power struggles, please don't force or pressure kids to eat. It just doesn't work. Instead, try
Here's how you can incorporate more of these essential nutrients into your diet:
Eating plenty of fruits on a regular basis is a habit that most people should develop early on. Powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C along with potassium, fiber and others, are just a few of the many benefits that can be found in a recommended portion of fruits.
Not only do vegetarian diets protect from heart disease, but they are effective for weight loss, treating diabetes, and prevention of many other chronic diseases. Focusing on fiber-rich plant foods is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation in the body and to stay healthy.
To get you started I have included 5 simple ways to incorporate delicious mangos into your meals plus one of my favorite mango recipes:
Let's face it. We would all love to look 10 years younger, but the vast majority of us wouldn't go under a plastic surgeon's
Vitamin C (or l-ascorbic acid) repairs cells so they can restore collagen production. Grape seed oil is an anti-aging powerhouse
As NPR notes, it's already been pretty well established that organic produce contains more antioxidants. It can't rely on
Below are three reasons hot sauces are making us more healthy: Brooklyn has been a super hot real estate location for the
Super foods that are easy to find, amazing for your health, and super tasty.
So why does it seem that actors and actresses in Hollywood are defying their ages and looking younger and younger? It's not necessarily plastic surgery. Far from it. In fact, it's the opposite of surgery. They're eating better and taking better care of their skin. And this is something everyone can do.
What are some of the nutritional properties that make it a superfood? The protein content is impressive.
Here are five simple food switches that can take years off your appearance. Hopefully you'll find these new foods taste just as good (or even better!) than the foods they replace.
All visuals courtesy of retailers. $58, Caviar Eye Cream; The latest frenzy seems to be over facial masks--the
So let me tell you a little about both the novel health benefits and historic tradition of what I think is the next "it" beverage
If you consider each of these myths individually, you'll find that the "common sense" answer is almost always the right answer. It is amusing to note, though, that sensible answers are not always common.