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Has the core philosophy of selling sponsorships on PBS changed? > "There is so much original content running this year...more
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“The whole thing was shocking. I’ve laughed about it for weeks,” the overjoyed artist reacted.
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What if your new year's resolution to get organized led to big bucks? It could happen -and Antiques Roadshow may be just the ticket.
The stuff we accumulate in life seems to fall into two categories if TV is to be believed. We're either sitting on hidden
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A man down on his luck after suffering injuries in a car crash had a miraculous twist of fate, all thanks to a blanket. Like
Ivory and the trinkets made from it are in high demand globally. So much so that despite restrictions on illegal poaching and trafficking, elephants are still being killed at a tremendous rate of 35,000 per year.
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APPRAISER: Not bad for two bucks. So I think you've got a great career going as an art dealer. GUEST: I know. APPRAISER: You
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Black History Month programming is getting the short shrift because America can't get enough Downton Abbey and Antiques Roadshow.
The collector's reaction to the news was shocked and almost reverent. "Wow. I never would have thought. I mean, I'm just
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In about 1970, a woman bought a plate in Rhode Island for under $100, which she hung in her kitchen upon her return home
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Check out how much they're worth in the video below. Have something to say? Check out HuffPost Home on Twitter, Facebook
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The original appraisal on the show was from 2010, and an update says that in three short years, the restored value of the
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The story of how an antique wooden playground slide came into my possession reads like a sequel to "Jack and the Beanstalk
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Getting your own item in front of those cameras, however, is not as easy as it seems. It's up to each appraiser to spot camera worthy items and stories out of the thousands available.
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The show told us that the value has only increased since 1998. By today's values, the collection is worth between $400,000
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She paid $50 for the 20-gallon jug and another piece. She'd managed to sell the other piece for a modest profit, and so she
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See, maybe your hoarding tendencies will pay off.
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You'll be surprised by who's on the list.