Antiques Roadshow

A man tried to get an appraisal for a Banksy piece he removed from a wall but ended up getting a lecture instead.
The man learned a valuable lesson about removing street art from its original location.
The figure that caused him to topple over isn’t even the full value of the old Rolex, according to an appraiser on “Antiques Roadshow.”
In the rapidly evolving broadcasting landscape, priorities for any broadcaster - network, cable, digital, syndication or
“The whole thing was shocking. I’ve laughed about it for weeks,” the overjoyed artist reacted.
What if your new year's resolution to get organized led to big bucks? It could happen -and Antiques Roadshow may be just the ticket.
What would you (and should readers), be looking for going into the Christmas season? In all fairness, I never know what will
"I never thought mine would be worth anything close to that, I thought maybe it would be worth $10,000 or $15,000 or something
Ivory and the trinkets made from it are in high demand globally. So much so that despite restrictions on illegal poaching and trafficking, elephants are still being killed at a tremendous rate of 35,000 per year.