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The retailers are taking a stand against President Trump's decision to drastically shrink two national monuments.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reportedly did not request any monuments be eliminated. But some could be dramatically reduced in size.
The president could eliminate as many as 27 national monuments.
This attempt to roll back protections for national monuments is unprecedented and terribly misguided.
As part of its review, the Interior Department will begin accepting public comment later this month.
By Michelle Bryan & Monte Mills, The University of Montana, and Sandra B. Zellmer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln In the
Do I really need to list all the reasons why attacking our national monuments is a terrible idea?
Now more than ever there is a need to take interest in what is happening with our public lands. The federal government has
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How do we know? On Election Day, in a great demonstration of bi-partisan support, voters across America approved 69 funding
"It's not just putting a marker on the site. It's really pointing to how we are beginning to more thoroughly acknowledge our history."