Fifty U.S. attorneys general are joining the investigation, led by Texas.
The joint probe with several other states will look at how the social media giant's market dominance affects user data, consumer choice and the price of ads.
The Justice Department is preparing an investigation to determine whether the tech giant broke antitrust law.
“It’s not how big they are," says Pete Buttigieg, "it’s how they act. And that’s the thing I think we need to be regulating and targeting most.”
It’s another sign of the party’s embrace of antitrust policies.
The floodgates are open for further corporate consolidation.
The senator said the government has the tools to tackle monopolies. It just needs to use them.
Rivals say a Google-funded think tank's dismissal of Google critics sends an intimidating message.
Democrats have made curbing monopoly power a plank of their new “Better Deal” platform. Will that stand in the way of confirming Makan Delrahim?
The party is putting antitrust reform at the core of its new agenda, "A Better Deal."
When the same company that owns the pipes also produces and controls the content flowing through them, a number of potential hazards arise that can harm consumers and the quality of our information system.