antonia opiah

The Pretty series curated by Antonia Opiah of Un-Ruly and sponsored by Hairfinity, explores concepts and varied experiences of beauty by women of color across the world in an effortless and artistically inspiring way.
"I’m in it to expand our view of blackness.”
With a big chop, you become a woman with short hair in a world where so much sexuality and femininity lies in length.
The shift from relaxers to natural hair, often referred to as the natural hair movement, is the source of many of the potentially major changes occurring in the market.
I've been a fan of one particular natural hair vlogger, Taren Guy, for a little under a year now. Guy began vlogging about her natural hair journey in June 2009 and has since continued, creating videos that cover a wide range of hair topics, as well as general issues facing women.
Remember that time a group of black women stood in the middle of New York City's Union Square holding signs inviting people
How do you get past the lack of authenticity that's innate in calculating your every step, like purposely waiting two hours to respond to a text message?
You Can Touch My Hair was a way of telling those who have stolen a touch how it makes me feel -- like an object put on display. But I also wanted to use it as an opportunity to further understand why someone might think that act or solicitation is okay and why black hair is such a novelty.
She gently touched my hair and gleefully exclaimed "it's so soft." While that was a sweet sentiment, I was left feeling of awkward and violated -- even though I allowed the touching. However, I loved that fact that opening myself to this opportunity in turn invited a very real and honest conversation with the woman.
Joliana Hunter-Ellin, who has strawberry blond, shoulder-length locks, had a different reason for volunteering her mane to