antonio cromartie

Never a good idea to make fun of an NFL player if you're the coach's son.
The conclusion is inescapable: The New York Jets are entering a new era: They are willing to spend big but wisely. Team weaknesses are not wished away but addressed. The general manager and the head coach are on the same page.
NBA All-Star Weekend is more than just a game and a few associated skills challenges. It celebrates the entire NBA culture, and that includes its charitable side.
If he does, Johnson will give the Rams what every team is looking for. When Nick Saban was coaching the Dolphins, he wasn’t
For those of us who worship football, it's been a long off-season without our favorite sport.
If Tebow were to be acquired by the Jets, he would presumably be the backup to Mark Sanchez, who recently signed a contract
Santa, can you please ask the powers that be to take a day off from the Tebowfication of America and please let us enjoy our holiday in peace?
The New York Jets' wild season began with the team starring in HBO's "Hard Knocks" and ended with a loss in the AFC Championship
She talked about their romantic relationship and described Cromartie as a "champ" in bed. Rhonda Patterson, one of the eight