The arrest comes a day after an attack in London involving a car ramming pedestrians.
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It is all about security Antwerp Diamond District is the area where 80% of the world's diamond trade takes place. It is a
Last weekend saw a diverse group of thousands, including Karim, in Borgerhout for the eleventh annual SHOOT! street soccer
At this political crossroads Belgium has an opportunity to change its image from being the "jihadi capital"of Europe to Europe's capital of social and economic integration.
Like a lot of cities in Europe, Antwerp is really well connected by train to major cities like Brussels and Amsterdam. In
When completed, the plant is expected to process roughly 3.5 million tons of unrecyclable plastic waste into around 1.2 million tons of green urea and 645,000 tons of green ammonia every year.
The police recognized him immediately and posed for a picture with him after the incident.
First but not foremost, there are objectively good beers and the stinky-sock beer may or may not be one of them. Second but foremost, almost any beer tastes darn good in the company of good friends in lovely cities like Brugge and Antwerp.
Madeleine's Hosiery, which has been on Steinway Street forever, or at least for as long as anyone can remember, probably won't be there the next time you pass by.