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CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Monday and said she was "outraged" by her computer being hacked.
Shortly after the Associated Press said last month that the Department of Justice had monitored the phone records of multiple
Three converging trends put me on common ground with your average Tea Party member for the first time in my liberal-New-England-elite life: government action, technological advancement and American attitude.
When the Justice Department secretly seized phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors, the AP got a taste of
Vietor said he doesn’t expect the AP records seizure to stop communication between news organizations and the government
There was just one pesky problem: this other guy kept talking too, and not even in English. Some of the networks wouldn't
The media claims an unfettered right to communicate with "confidential sources" in the government who are providing them with classified information. The media calls them whistle blowers. But there is another word for these individuals -- criminals.
Maddow reacted to what she called the "bombshell revelation" that the Department of Justice secretly obtained the phone records
On Thursday, The Post seconded that version events. It reported that the AP had pulled the trigger on the story after CIA
"Obama has all these things that he's done to the press on national security matters that Nixon never did," Goodale told
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reacted to the scandal on Tuesday, calling it "wholly inappropriate" for him to comment
The press conference represented a delicate attempt on the part of the administration to regain its footing with the press
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] “The numerous national-security leaks reportedly originating out
Below, Priebus' statement calling for Holder's resignation: Freedom of the press is an essential right in a free society
Full Segment: California State Senator Ted Lieu (D) joins Jacob to discuss the late-breaking story of the Department of Justice seizing the phone records of Associated Press journalists.
Though DOJ did not give the AP a specific reason for the seizure, the dates of the phone calls it targeted offered a clear