ap leaks

A former FBI agent arrested in 2012 on child pornography charges has admitted to being the source of a disclosure to the Associated Press about a foiled al Qaeda plot, Justice Department officials said Monday.
If the judge accepts the terms of the plea agreement, Sachtleben will spend more than 11 years in federal prison: 43 months
"When it mattered most," the authors write, "those programs failed.” 'BAD FOR DEMOCRACY. BAD FOR EVERYONE.' But when Kelly
It's not unusual for administrations to leak information when in their interest, while criticizing unsanctioned disclosures
CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Monday and said she was "outraged" by her computer being hacked.
Shortly after the Associated Press said last month that the Department of Justice had monitored the phone records of multiple
"Now all of a sudden, what are you afraid of? 'I'm not calling that reporter back because their phone might be tapped. My
The comments from Holder are bound to stir up additional criticism of the Obama administration's approach to First Amendment