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But in a statement to The Huffington Post, Donald Sachtleben insisted he wasn't the first person to tell the news organization
Republicans in the Senate are abusing the filibuster to keep jobs -- in both the executive and judicial branches -- unfilled while sitting idly by and letting economic growth take a hit in the name of ideology.
After all, if there is an evolution of expected standards of truth and oath in the midst, the effects will be imparted on
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's Twitter never fails to disappoint. She sent a curious tweet Friday taking up the issue of
If he weren't president today, Professor Obama would be up in arms over the actions of President Obama and his administration. In fact, he was up in arms over similar things involving the administration of President Bush.
“It would be unprofessional,” Knoller said. “We’re there to cover the president, his policies and statements, not stage a
Of course, the wording of the poll questions could be described as "leading," if we're being really, really charitable. Here's
I never contemplated or considered the possibility that the Department of Justice under President Obama would initiate an action that would blatantly violate and desecrate the principles enshrined in the First Amendment.
The government's actions likely have already succeeded in deterring government officials from confiding in journalists about national security matters. And that, of course, is the administration's real objective.
Those who bother to read these historical snippets will find many important departures and only tenuous parallels between the Obama Administration's IRS affair and Richard Nixon's Watergate-era IRS scandal.
The AP has openly questioned the legality of DOJ's actions, and civil liberties advocates have decried them as a violation
This week saw the kickoff of Second Term Scandal Season, though the first entrants fall on very different parts of the manufactured scandal vs. real scandal continuum. On the deeply-contrived end is Benghazi -- with supposedly damning White House emails having been altered by GOP leakers. On the actually scandalous end is the administration's snooping through the AP's phone records, which the New York Times called "an effort to frighten off whistle-blowers." The incident points out the hypocrisy of a White House that praises whistleblowers in the abstract, but then goes after them -- aggressively and often. "Speaking truth to power is now a criminal act," says whistleblower and former NSA executive Thomas Drake, who the DOJ charged under the WW I-era Espionage Act. It's President Obama's war against whistleblowers that is the true scandal.
Vietor said he doesn’t expect the AP records seizure to stop communication between news organizations and the government
"The president is saying that, he and his team will look into it. But frankly, they can't investigate themselves," Romney
That's a question The Huffington Post posed to several non-profits representing whistleblowers, and to the White House, in
Critics of the Justice Dept.'s subpoena of AP telephone records have shamelessly mischaracterized the Dept.'s actions and the purposes for them. Any interference with the free press merits close scrutiny, but that scrutiny needs to consider just what the Dept. actually has done and why.
"The U.S. government is saying it never came close because they had insider information, insider control, which implies that
Every U.S. president should visit a Blackjack table in Atlantic City sometime in the first term. It should happen just as they are in the middle of those Dreams From Your Ego, which promise bright new hopes if they can only win that second term.
I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU, a strong proponent of press freedom and a staunch believer in both a robust First Amendment and a vibrant Fourth Amendment. But I also care about rational public discourse, and the furious condemnation of the Department of Justice in this situation is way over the top.
Mulvaney said he was “honestly surprised to learn that the government could get this sort of private, personal information