ap scandal

During the 2008 and 2012 presidential debates, I do not recall Barack Obama pledging to spy on our telephones and snoop on our journalists. If he had, he would not have been elected and reelected.
Paul went on to say that he was similarly concerned with the administration's approach to investigating reporters who cover
Since the fall of the Nixon Administration, Republicans have attacked Democratic administrations by appending "gate" to the first two-syllable word they can find.
That it has taken a trifecta of scandals to awaken the minions of the press to their duty speaks volumes on how successfully prevailing narratives define what the public accepts as truth.
While there's been some question as to precisely who would be covered by the law (read: bloggers), a 2006 ruling by the California
The White House Correspondents' Association said on Tuesday that it was standing "in strong solidarity" with the journalists who have been targeted by the Obama administration.
The Justice Department obtained the phone records for at least five different numbers used by Fox News as part of a leak
White House reporters had questioned spokesman Jay Carney aggressively about the secret investigations of the Associated
The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned the Obama administration's media investigations on two fronts on Tuesday. The
Broadly speaking, Pew said, "public interest in a trio of controversies connected to the Obama administration has been limited