The new security feature comes after a hacker group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army has taken credit in recent
Billions of dollars are being invested to make trading without humans faster, cheaper, smarter. The problem is that no matter how smart you make machines, they will never be smart enough in our lifetime to detect all levels of deceit and fraud. Particularly online.
The FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission are also investigating this week's hacking of AP's Twitter account. A hacker
FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer told Reuters that the FBI is conducting an investigation into the breach, but did not provide
Stocks plunged for a few minutes Tuesday after the Associated Press sent out a tweet claiming there was an explosion at the White House. The tweet was fake and the result of a hack.
Such attacks have become increasingly common. A report issued this week by Verizon found that more than 95 percent of all
Two-step authentication: I'll admit it can sometimes be annoying from the user perspective. But the peace of mind of the added security outweighs that. It's time for Twitter to implement it.
The Associated Press' twitter account was hacked Tuesday afternoon by, thus far, unknown entities who managed to send out
The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 index both took sharp dives after the AP tweet, which said “Breaking: Two
The AP's Mike Baker tweeted that "the hack came less than an hour after some of us received an impressively disguised phishing