Leaders of AfriForum, an Afrikaner rights group, also posed for a picture with national security adviser John Bolton.
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s legacy may resonate even more in South Africa now than that of her husband, Nelson Mandela.
The South African activist spent decades standing up against racial segregation and discrimination.
White supremacy is a lost cause. Former President Bill Clinton advises “mix and move on” as the U.S. becomes a majority-minority country.
Let me ask you a question. Would you expect a Jewish person to stand during the German national anthem after the Second World
Lately I've been dreaming I'm back in the South Africa of my childhood. The South Africa where if you weren't White you were
I took a defiant stance, made no apologies for what I had done and stood with the liberation movement. Statement from the
It is now becoming obvious that we are no longer a United States of America. There are many states that restrict voting rights, abortion rights, immigration, even the collective bargaining rights of workers that are no longer able to negotiate for their own living wages.
This year's American Peace Train tour includes an ethnically diverse group of over 100 young performers who travel from city to city from July 4-18, 2016. Additional singers of all ages will join performances when The Peace Train arrives in each city.
Photographer Johnny Miller's "Unequal Scenes" shows wealth discrepancy from above.
Photos by David Allen Eye-to-eye but far apart in attitudes: Sam (Callender) and Hally (Humann) Athol Fugard's Master Harold
When in the past have you ever heard the term "unendorse" used? We haven't checked, but we believe it just got coined and added to the political lexicon.
As with any documentary like this, I also faced challenges deciding what interviews not to use. I had lots of terrific interviews
CIA operative Donald Rickard has revealed that it was with U.S. help that Nelson Mandela was caught and thus tried and sent to jail.
Prejudice's real roots are far less immediately accessible than we think they are, so it's time to stop having such brash reactions to injustice and start having deep, elevated conversations about it.
The month of March is not an easy one for pro-Israel activists around the US and the world. It is usually marked with a variety of anti-Israel events on campuses, as activists and members of the Boycott Movement take to the stage to paint the complex shades of the Middle East and Israel with a one-colored brush, mainly blaming the State of Israel for all of the region's malaise.
If you walk the streets of this city at the end of the work day, you'll hear a distinctive sound: the clicks and taps synonymous with Myanmar's traditional sport, known as chinlone.
When Hiba Al-Jibeihi stepped off her flight in Paris in early December, it was her first time outside the occupied Palestinian territories where she had lived all of her 24 years.