Just because you have word-finding problems does not mean you have diminished intelligence!
Donald Trump has recently claimed that Hillary Clinton lacks the “mental and physical stamina” to be president. Just this
Next question: How much brain damage had he suffered? His right side didn't function. Doctors cautioned he may never walk
The software platform will include sensors and machine learning capabilities that can record data from movement, as well
My mother's hands became her primary form of communication. She and I talked, of course, but it was often a swing-and-a-miss type of situation. Her embarrassment at not being able to identify a table, a door, or even her beloved dog caused many tears of frustration.
Considering all that, it is not a surprise that Shari and Jack have decided to take their journey with Alzheimer's in full
I have noticed that, now that I've entered decade #6, my brain is frequently abducted by aliens. As you can imagine, it's very embarrassing when in mid-sentence you suddenly can't think of a word, or can't remember what you were talking about.
"The filmmakers respectfully ask the media to not discuss the film's ending" is a sentence included in the press notes for Luke LoCurcio's twelve-minute short "Aphasia."
HP: That being said, are there any questions you wish people would ask you? Another pet peeve is taken right from the video
It would appear that there is a "dose" of swearing that works best. If you swear too much it reduces its benefit, but if you do not swear at all, you may not have as a high a pain tolerance. Swearing seems to have a protective effect -- to a point.