“They stir messianic fervor rather than suppress it."
If we focus on the Lamb we can recognize that the slaughtered Christ is the original gangster and had the "Juice" in being worthy even in the midst of pain and oppression.
Could women really be less interested in the seemingly universal (and universally terrifying) theme of the world's end? Doubtful. So why aren't there more women-penned apocalyptic cultural offerings out there?
What surprised you once you started getting into your research? What I felt was worthwhile was to see how religion appeals
Revelation reveals what it means to worship God and Christ. It challenges believers to faithful living in the midst of cultural pressure to compromise.
Daniel Richter will show at Regen Projects until February 18, 2012. Richter's new solo exhibition is called 'A concert of
No academic interpreter of Revelation understands the book as a roadmap for the future. Instead, Revelation originally spoke to the conditions of its own time and place.