Warner Bros. said that an investigation was conducted, prompting forthcoming staffing changes and other measures to deal with the issues raised.
The "This Is Us" star said it was "curious" how Adams chose to confess his past abuse.
Kathy Jenkins had yelled "KKK belief" at a Black Lives Matter protest in Missouri and vowed to teach hate to her grandchildren in a video that went viral.
“That delay was a mistake,” the late night host wrote in a statement.
The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” are back with their final quarantine video episode — for now. Claire Fallon, Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley [SPEAK] with winners Chris and Bri about their romance, their future and why that final performance was so nerve-wracking. But first, the hosts discuss Hannah Brown’s use of the N-word on Instagram and the responses from former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Tyler Cameron.
The New York Times columnist wrote a lengthy apology to the famous women on Twitter after her inflammatory comments about them went viral.
The actress said on Instagram that she was sorry for remarks she made about the coronavirus that were "dismissive, arrogant and cryptic."
The Utah Jazz player mocked what he suggested was an overreaction to COVID-19 at a press conference just two days before testing positive.
He said he "never behaved aggressively toward anyone," days after saying he was "truly sorry."
Some 120,000 people were forced into the camps nearly 80 years ago.