The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hasn't properly acknowledged the pain its controversial 2015 policy caused queer Mormons and their kids, some advocates say.
Church officials have not said why Elder James J. Hamula was removed from church membership.
I had my first experience with Mormons For Equality three years ago (2013) when I marched with the group in the Utah Pride Parade. I had just barely come out -- only a few months prior telling my Mormon parents that I was gay.
In addition, American anti-Muslim sentiment provides false legitimacy to extremists because they are seen as the only people
The #ImamsForShe campaign is meant to empower women to educate themselves about their rights in Islam. These imams put forward an uplifting, inclusive and compassionate expression of Islam.
I realize I'll be ok, after being out for nearly three years I've built a pretty good sized community of accepting and loving friends, family, and people who care for me. I know my family loves me and that won't ever change. However, how will this policy change affect the life of that queer Mormon kid sitting in the congregation wondering if she'll ever be welcomed in the pews?
I was raised in a Muslim family, in the Muslim cultures of three different countries -- Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. I grew up mostly in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a US ally with almost unconditional Western support, living there for close to twelve years.
When simply changing one's mind comes at such a high cost, it isn't surprising that you don't hear much from secularists, atheists, or agnostics in the Muslim world.
His conviction was based on a witness who claimed to have heard his cursing God, as well as his poems.
Women are the most vulnerable targets of the Islamic State (IS), which has enslaved and brutalized women who don't meet their jihadi standards, and even introduced female police squads to monitor and persecute their own sex.
If the goal is to stop this sort of organized violence that plagues the world, then finding other ways to provide disaffected youth the money, protection, inclusion and social bonding they are missing that lead them to become outlaws in the first place should be our top priority.
"They are not criminals. They didn’t do anything," Badawi said. A Saudi court convicted Raif Badawi, the author of the website
According to Human Rights Watch, women and girls are disproportionately targeted by authorities for crimes relating to personal
Muslims consider the Koran the word of God. Hence, it is the primary and supreme source of jurisprudence in Islam. The practice of Prophet Muhammad, Sunnah, is second in line. Both leave no doubt that apostasy is not a punishable offense at all, let alone by death.
A U.S. spokeswoman said on Thursday before Ibrahim's release that Ibrahim had all the documents she needed to travel to the
"She has all the rights to appeal. But, our government has nothing to do with the case,” Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed
"But we do hope she will get released soon," Mostafa told Reuters. KHARTOUM, May 31 (Reuters) - A Sudanese woman sentenced
A woman in Sudan who was charged with apostasy has given birth while awaiting her death sentence.