EDITOR’S NOTE: Among the authors who will make presentations at next week’s Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, Tennessee
The reasons non-users give for non-using are varied and nuanced. For Podolsky, it’s about the misappropriation of the concept
But local communities are starting to take back control.
We have been enslaved into the social trends our ancestors avoided.
Adapted and cross posted from The Thoughtful Coal Miner. There has been no drought of media attention about coal, coal miners
So, it’s hard to explain what led to the “great crisis.” You see, everyone said it would never happen. A megadrought has
Last week Alpha Natural Resources announced the opening of a new mine in Raleigh County, West Virginia. According to the
Pete Seeger once said about Woody Guthrie’s music, “Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes genius to attain simplicity
"Hillbilly Elegy" and other sources demean my family and the region with their simple, dismissive narratives.
The health care bill that failed in Congress recently was nothing less than an attempt to slam the door on Eastern Kentucky
We need to end this oversight and normalization of collateral damage.
Among the hundreds of coal miners I have interviewed over the years, retired coal miner Chuck Nelson has always been among
America's countryside is dying, and in a meaningful, measurable way.
I live in West Virginia, one of the states where residents can now expect more toxic coal pollution in our streams and rivers