Appalachian Trail

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was going to be built under the Appalachian Trail through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.
The decision, written by conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, removes one of several obstacles facing the project.
The proposed 600-mile-long Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bisect the Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and a pair of national forests.
“To survive those deployments in Iraq and to die like this is just devastating,” Ronald Sanchez's former wife said.
6. Rangitoto Island Loop - Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand is one of the best places for endless, beautiful scenery and
As a kid in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, one of the small pleasures was to venture outside during the magic hour
Conservation groups are rallying against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.
4,330,207 steps, 345,122 calories, 2,190 miles: How do you measure the Appalachian Trail?