When things go wrong, it just serves to remind me how the vast majority of the time, things are going absolutely right.
This is shameful.
While the new study shows that antibiotic therapy can successfully treat most cases of acute appendicitis, only further research will help settle whether it should replace surgery as the "gold standard" for initial treatment in the majority of cases.
I left the gym near Astor Place early the evening of Thursday December 11. I'd felt bloated around my abdominal area for most of that afternoon and trying to workout wasn't making matters better.
Having medical training is a great privilege, and the source of, at times, quite literal life and death power. With that power comes a grave responsibility -- but bearing that is a privilege as well. Medical training is not a product of good fortune, but of willful preparation.
We all look sort of normal on the outside, and we rarely talk about the fact that we are slowly disappearing. The only thing that continues to puzzle us is why, if we are losing body parts, do we weigh more than we used to?
It was beginning to rub some of the other people the wrong way just how horribly they were treating her -- it was a very