apple announcement

"We need to decide as a nation the amount of power the government has on our data and on our privacy."
"This is the most advanced display we have ever built."
"The iPhone will now definitely have its largest quarter ever in Q4 this year, and its biggest year," Jan Dawson, an independent
The Irish Times reports that while the band will be at the event, it will not be performing. The paper says the new iPhone
The time for new Apple products is here again. Last week, Apple sent out invites to the press for an Oct. 22 event in San
There are three Apple-sanctioned ways to watch the event from home: The stream will be available on Apple's website starting
My look at the top features I'm loving in the new iOS 7 update to my iPhone 5.
More news from Apple's big event: Apple Announces The iPhone 5s, Its New Flagship Phone iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Comes