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As the promotional video (see above) shows, the user edits his or her photo and then drags it to the center of the screen
Apple has told airport officials that the error will soon be fixed, CNET reports. For now, directions to the airport "could
List of featured games: -Shadowngun: Deadzone So even though it took some getting used to, I had fun using the Moga Pro. It
Earlier in the year, a group of Chinese authors filed the suit against Apple, saying an unidentified number of apps on its
The current iOS 6 Maps debacle notwithstanding, reports that iPhone users far outspend their Android peers
A seventh grade student of Jackson, Miss. becomes one of Apple's youngest app developers. Charley Hutchison, 12, worked for months to create FriendsForFlickr, an iPhone friendly app that updates Flickr photos with mobile contacts.
These 11 apps are but the tip of the iceberg, of course. For further reading, I recommend Lex Friedman's article on Macworld
[Yesterday's] keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference highlighted a number of new features that the company has
The app store contest is both a marathon and a sprint. Today's race is just the latest lap around the "software store" track. My advice to the digital consumer is to play the field, don't bet on a single runner, enjoy the spectacle and always download wisely.
How has Apple managed to make their product so appealing to a broad demographic... and how can you do the same? The answer is simple: Apple has a long-term strategy.
As the mobile revolution continues to expand, smartphones are quickly replacing computers as primary content consumption devices. Yet, if you take a look at the millions of websites across the Web, only a fraction of publishers even bring their content to the mobile device.
Flutter wants to have a say that, making its early-version app available for download here (it's free but for the price of
A sarcastic yet smart name-generator website has surfaced recently, taking a stab at the biggest problem iPhone game developers face when crafting the next big thing: generating stupid, yet accurate names.
- Facebook, who has often been called an enemy of Apple's, has the most downloaded app on the iPhone of all time. Apple raised
Though app developers are required to disclose the information their apps collect, "the app stores do not appear to enforce
The legislators' request for information cast the spotlight squarely onto Apple for the first time since an independent blogger
Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions Apple did not respond to requests for comment. Charlie Miller, a researcher
The parent company of Broken Thumbs Apps--a prominent iOS app maker responsible for games like Zombie Duck Hunt, Truth or