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Apple is looking to boost flagging sales in China.
China is a key growth market for Apple, but the country's economy is slowing down.
Apple also discovered through audits that Zhen Ding was forcing workers to take part in unpaid meetings outside of their
It's unclear which app came first, or if the two were in fact developed simultaneously. Given Apple's emphasis on design
One day last summer, Pu Xiaolan was halfway through a shift inspecting iPad cases when she received a beige wooden chair
As Apple faces increased scrutiny for hiring foreign firms to manufacture its products overseas, CEO Tim Cook says that the
The man we are hoping to see in you at the last debate is 45th President of the United States: a wise, passionate and caring
Having opened its largest retail outlets ever to overzealous shoppers in Shanghai and Beijing last Fall, hiring geniuses
Understanding China's consumer culture is a good starting point for understanding the nation itself, as it races toward superpower status. Material similarities between Chinese and Americans mask fundamentally different emotional impulses.
Their case is based on the law of large numbers - it is going to be more difficult for Apple to grow as fast the bigger it
At the end of 2011, Android had 68.4 percent of the smartphone OS market by the number of smartphones sold, up from 33.6
The trip is not Cook’s first visit to China — he was infamously sent to the country by Steve Jobs during issues with Foxconn
You will not believe the lifelike photographic resolution on the New iPad. I'm telling you, these photographs of the Chinese workers at the Foxconn plant look like they are right in the room with you.
"(Auditing) assumes the problem is (that) there are bad managers who need to be policed more frequently," which is generally
Twin bubble-bursts -- technology and housing -- have lost investors a lot of money over the past several years, and the market
Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s rivals aren’t rushing to emulate the iPhone maker’s decision to subject supplier factories to audits
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