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iPhone sales growth is slowing. Is it time to compete with the streaming giants?
Apple's cash cow sold fewer units than expected last quarter. Analysts are worried.
Apple stock dropped 1.98 percent on Monday.
Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts on the earnings call, "The volume is hard to comprehend." No sh*t it's hard to comprehend! Can you imagine -- $178 billion worth of weed? It's totally blowing my mind -- and I'm not even high right now.
If there's one takeaway from Apple's latest earnings report, it's that the iPhone 6 is king.
IDC reported earlier this month that Apple had a 6.3 percent share of the worldwide PC market last quarter, placing it fifth
Sales of iPads "met our expectations," Cook told analysts on Tuesday. "But we realized they didn't meet many of yours." Of
Revenue was $37.5 billion, ahead of Wall Street's average forecast of $36.8 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S
But in an earnings call on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized just how crucial it is for Apple to build something for
Forget about the iTV, iWatch or a bigger or cheaper iPhone. What Apple needs more than anything else right now isn't a new device -- it's software.
RAISING THE CASH Just a week after announcing its first drop in quarterly earnings in a decade, Apple came to market with
But instead of grumbling about Apple, maybe the government could learn something from it: Namely, that it's not always a
Apple is defined by its glitzy gadgets and flashy unveilings, but there were none to be seen on Tuesday when the company
Tuesday's call will also give us a chance to see what's going on with the iPad, which may be losing some of its luster. “I
Apple's sharp fall since September has been accompanied by an across the board rise in major indices. We can think of three possible reasons for this large and largely unexpected divergence.
Lockheed Martin The company's stock price certainly reached at least a short-term peak back in September, when it hit $700
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who has previously raised red flags about Apple cutting orders to suppliers, said the iPhone