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The effort will generate as much power as 265,000 Chinese homes use in a year.
The letter is a lengthy rebuttal to the BBC's claims. For the most part, it focuses largely on issues raised in the BBC's
Crothall added that Foxconn needed to move towards greater dialogue with the workers through more representative unions. Foxconn
Workers are being paid on time and more than the legal minimums -- but workers say it's not enough "to cover their basic
Twin bubble-bursts -- technology and housing -- have lost investors a lot of money over the past several years, and the market
Apple's supplier code of contact allows for workers as young as 16, as long as they're closely regulated. VentureBeat points
Insurance and convenience are two practical reasons for why my school chooses Dell products, but the state of Apple's factories may now serve as an ethical reason to support the school's choice.
Debates in the United States in response to these disclosures have been how to assign blame or whether consumers can force Apple to be more ethical. This is not enough. The problems are certainly not limited to Apple or Foxconn.
He stayed for eight months in hospital. But when he returned to work in October 2010, the symptoms of poisoning reappeared
Additionally, Apple found that less than a third of reviewed factories complied with the company's standards for working