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The effort will generate as much power as 265,000 Chinese homes use in a year.
Pegatron spokeswoman Ming-Chun Tsai told The Huffington Post via email that "we are looking into the program’s allegations
"The work pressure is still great," said a worker surnamed Wang who has worked at Foxconn's complex in Guanlan making iPhones
Apple's most recent shareholder meeting, which took place last Thursday in Cupertino, featured a smattering of lucky investors
Workers age 16-18 were banned from overtime hours, or relocated to keep them out of the spotlight. Watch the video above
Insurance and convenience are two practical reasons for why my school chooses Dell products, but the state of Apple's factories may now serve as an ethical reason to support the school's choice.
Debates in the United States in response to these disclosures have been how to assign blame or whether consumers can force Apple to be more ethical. This is not enough. The problems are certainly not limited to Apple or Foxconn.
Daily exposure to hexyl hydrid can cause long-term and possibly irreversible nerve damage, said Lam Ching-wan, a chemical
"During our investigation, we also discovered that the vocational school involved in hiring the underage workers had falsified
Foxconn makes products for leading Western companies including the Mac mini, the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone for Apple