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It's more complicated than it seems.
As technology evolves, the bigger questions are worth considering, because the day when media devices "go dark" and become completely inaccessible to law enforcement may be coming.
Even if you didn't race out and buy a new iPhone 6 on Friday, you can still feel like you have a new phone by downloading
Save them to your computer if you really need them or do some spring cleaning to your old apps. When you have enough space
Apple's move will place ebooks just one click away from being discovered, sampled and purchased by nearly a billion readers. But how can indie authors and publishers make the most of this new development?
If past form is anything to go by, Apple's announcement of HealthKit as part of its latest iOS release (iOS8) at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) has marked a historic moment for digital and mobile health care.
As you've probably noticed, battery life has not been improving at the same rate as other smartphone aspects, like speed
This year's changes won't make you ill. And, some of them are pretty much irrelevant. Here are the ones that you must know