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The app has transformed substantially in three years.
There has never been more ways to find a Starbucks. You can go to the store locator on the website. Chances are, it will be the mobile version, because that's how local search happens more often than not.
Campbell told ABC News the group submitted the image to Scottish Canals, the government agency which manages the country's
ComScore research shows that while Apple suffered a PR disaster over maps, Google lost 23m iPhone users in the US Read more
Apple has told airport officials that the error will soon be fixed, CNET reports. For now, directions to the airport "could
"We do not want it to be shot with such a high degree of precision that it could be used to identify areas that require special
Locationary could help Apple fix its mapping data problem — something that we pointed out was Apple’s biggest issue moving
(Reporting by Ari Rabinovitch; Editing by John Stonestreet) JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Google is close to buying Waze for $1.3
Being the biggest tech company in the world means always having to say you're sorry. This week, Apple apologized to Chinese