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Though tech corporations like Facebook, Apple and Google maintain that they are not fundamentally news-media organizations
WWDC kicks off on Monday. For those of you who don't live in Silicon Valley where everyone's buzzing about it, it's Apple's
A couple of school districts in Missouri have found a way to create a stable home environment for struggling kids.
The famed rocker's mom was killed by an estranged boyfriend when he was 15. It changed everything.
Such an arrangement may be the best way to preserve independent media on the open web. Users would be able to protect themselves from abusive adware without freeloading. And web publishers who see their traffic drop might decide it's time to change their ways.
Apple has a long history of efforts to save energy and increase sustainability and has served as a role model for other large companies, both at home and abroad.
The company's new patent brings us one step closer to "Minority Report."
A new patent granted to Apple could help save devices from falls.
After last week's product launches of the iPhone 6 family, the introduction of the Apple Watch, and the roll out of Apple Pay, it's safe to say that Tim Cook may even surpass the height that Steve Jobs brought back to Apple when he returned from his exile in the wilderness.
Apple hired Nancy Dougherty from startup Sano Intelligence, a company with developments that include a small, painless, needle
Shareholders were reportedly worried that the low-priced iPhone 5C was not quite low-priced enough to bring Apple a whole
So without further ado, here's This Week in Apple Rumors. But the bad news is that version is more than a few months off
With U.S. Senators questioning Apple CEO Tim Cook about how little the company ends up paying in taxes, we thought we would
Even more exciting is the accessory potential here: Apple acolytes may be able to put a ring on it. Eschewing the standard
"Apple’s problem isn’t the fact that its Maps app can’t tell people how many Foursquare users have checked into a local restaurant
Is Apple in for a rough 2013? Maybe. The Cupertino-based giant has long been loved by its cult-like following of iPhone fanboys