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Apple Crumble Recipe No matter the season, apple crumble will warm your heart and every family has their own recipe. This
They're easier to eat AND loaded with chocolate.
Every dish you need to welcome a sweet new year is right here on this list. L'Shana Tova!
Soups, salads, and sweets: autumn apples can be added to just about anything. From Apple Rum Raisin Pudding to Curried Cauliflower & Apple Soup, these recipes are perfect for celebrating the return of cozy fall flavors.
Hey y'all! Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider is where it's at!! Yes. I love pumpkin spice. What's the hashtag that people are using to describe this love? Basic? Yes. It's as basic as oxygen.
Caramel Apple Cake This cake tastes just like the ultimate fall treat: a caramel apple. Get the recipe. Mini Caramel Apples
Apple season is here -- time to round up the kids and get picking! After you've Instagrammed all of those adorable orchard pics, you've got to figure out what to do with all of those apples. From breakfast to dessert, here are nine easy recipes to help you use them all up.
Sugar, spice and everything nice -- sink your teeth into September with these wonderful autumn sweets.
Twenty-six recipes that take advantage of fall's greatest gift.
For those of you overloaded by apples, here's how to stretch them out.
This little chart should help you select the perfect apple for pies, cider and more.
Caramelized apples, the star of this pie, are enveloped in cinnamon pastry cream, with additional caramel sauce drizzled throughout.
By Lynn Andriani Turn fall's bounty into ridiculously good dinners and treats with these apple -- and pumpkin -- -centric
The secret to this delicious apple tart? Brown butter, of course!
Not too sweet, apple essence in every bite, and paired with classic spices, these individual treats are excellent for anytime of the day.
We know, we know, you get that fall is apple season -- but hear us out.