The Apple Watch also has features meant to appeal to those who aren't obsessed with fitness. It will include Apple's new
The only hint Apple has actually given about what's in store this week is an invitation emblazoned with the cryptic phrase
It will motivate some consumers at this point, but probably only a small fraction. What, then, might this really be all about?
On Tuesday, Apple invited the press to its Cupertino, Calif. headquarter for an event where the gadget maker will announce
While some lucky Apple enthusiasts quickly ordered their devices, this morning's purchasing process had a few glitches. CNN
The three major networks that carry the iPhone -- AT&T, Verizon and Sprint -- each also confirmed the same preorder start
Ever since Apple's $1 billion legal win over Samsung for creating tablets and smartphones too similar to Apple's iconic iPad
- I'll miss the way that the rigid earbuds would stretch the entrance to my ear canal, perhaps permanently distending the
Today Apple announced the iPhone 5 to much fanfare but little surprise. For a company renowned for secrecy, the newest iteration
To help with your decision, check out our gallery (below) to see 7 things the iPhone 5 has that its predecessor doesn't. Then
A Chinese news agency, Shanghai Evening Post, has sent an experienced journalist to slip into the Foxconn Tai Yuan factory
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A port in the back is aimed at delivering better mid-tones, and there’s one in the stem and the primary one for delivering
The immediate focus after the event, however, will likely be on the cosmetic changes to the iPhone 5: the new height, a new
The newly released iPhone 5 is one answer. Another is "Justin Bieber", teenage heartthrob and Canadian pop sensation. Sources
During a highly publicized media event on Wednesday, Apple gave the press a peek at its redesigned iPods. The iPod Nano got
Apple also announced some major milestones for iTunes: 435 million accounts, 26 million songs, and 20 billion songs purchased
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