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"My toddler has accidentally used Siri more than I have intentionally used Siri."
Talking to someone who doesn't understand you can be frustrating, but putting that person in charge of your food could be
Bravo is accused of drugging and strangling Aguilar inside an SUV parked in a Walmart parking lot in Gainesville and then
It turns out she doesn't appreciate the question. No surprise Apple's engineers would teach Siri about the new film. As it's
Try it yourself. It not only worked for the YouTube video maker above, but also for dozens of people on Reddit and Facebook
"I'm sorry, I don't see any 'hops pedals' near you. Deleting all contact information." [h/t Pocket-lint]
In this week's issue, Bianca Bosker looks at Siri -- not only what Apple's "humble personal assistant" can do for us, but also how it was initially envisioned, and what it might become.
Siri was a big splash when she debuted on the Apple 4, but she was originally designed to do far more than she does now. What can we expect from the virtual assistant?
You can watch MATTHIAS' humorous video (which also includes a dig or two at the iPhone 5) below: Hell hath no fury like a
No word on what's causing the error, or whether it is at all related to iOS 6's troublesome new maps (which also have trouble
In environments where Google creates new kinds of searchers, Amazon creates new kinds of readers and Apple create new kinds of digital companionship, just what kinds of human capital do these innovations create?
He declined to disclose the amount of compensation the university was seeking but said any calculation would be based on
The market for so-called auto infotainment technology - everything from navigation and audio systems to screens to chips
With Groupon in SEC purgatory, it may be time to anoint a new poster child for Chicago's growing but still somewhat fledgling tech community. Who's the best candidate? You might find the answer by speaking into your iPhone.