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In July 2015, Apple traded upwards of $130 per share, but ended the first quarter of 2016 at $108.99, reported The Wall Street
But shareholders shouldn't panic yet.
CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that the company would power its new corporate headquarters with energy from a 2,900-acre solar
The thought that the captain of such an enterprise would be openly gay would have been unthinkable, say, 18 years ago, when
Apple shares haven't reacted much to Icahn's latest letter, rising less than 1 percent in pre-market trading on Thursday
On Wednesday Apple yanked back an update for its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, after it was found to be riddled with
Everything hits at once. (Source: Google Finance) Most analysts on Wall Street still recommend investors shovel themselves
The WWDC may have been short on hardware -- as it almost always is -- but as we spin this story forward, the puzzle pieces Apple is putting in place are beginning to form a rather interesting, lucrative picture.
Shareholders were reportedly worried that the low-priced iPhone 5C was not quite low-priced enough to bring Apple a whole
Icahn found a way to snatch the spotlight back for himself, in less than 140 characters. The big losers here are Oracle CEO
Carper's committee office confirmed the senator's wife currently owns Apple equities, but committee spokeswoman Jennie Westbrook
I believe Ms. Laviolette failed as an expert witness because of her confirmation bias, which seemed apparent to the jury. You should not fail as an investor for the same reason.
CEO Tim Cook stressed on the last quarterly earnings conference call that it's difficult to paint a complete picture of its
Apple is in the news for losing its rank for a time on Wednesday as the most valuable publicly-traded U.S. stock. And now
The focus on innovation appears to be slowing. That could mean slower revenue growth in 2013. In fact, its slower revue growth has contributed to the stock's recent price decline from $700 to $466 per share. As an investor, your job is to find the next Apple.
While I would love for the company to raise its dividend or buy back more stock, Apple needs to show that it can pioneer, envision and make manifest what we do not know that we want but once it exists we cannot live without.
A couple notes on methodology: For appearances that occurred after the market was closed (earnings calls, "Rock Center" showing