Apple tax evasion

"Apple pays every tax dollar we owe," Cook said.
Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The luck of the Irish is running out for Apple. Apple pioneered
The tech giant isn’t the only prominent company to skirt British taxes though. Starbucks announced last month that it paid
Why should Apple have access to U.S. consumers if Apple refuses to pay its fair share of taxes to finance the infrastructure and education that Americans need to improve their living standards? Americans could buy from one of Apple's competitors instead.
Apple's latest product isn't disruptive to the music industry, cell phones or television. It's aimed at the United States of America.
Because they can indefinitely shield their foreign profits from U.S. taxes, meanwhile engaging in endless (legal) schemes to avoid taxes in countries where they book those earnings, the link between the profitability of American companies and the well-being of America is broken.
Executive Business Editor Peter Goodman Asks Siri About Apple's Tax Gimmicks
I want Apple to innovate with new "incredibly great" products that wow the world like the iMac and iPhone did--not with new ways of nickel and diming Uncle Sam. Do what's right and stick to what Apple does best and continued success will surely follow.
Worried about the federal deficit? Then you're worried about foreign tax havens, the use of which is costing the U.S. $150