Apple taxes

There is much for U.S. authorities to learn from the European example of forcing corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, but more far-reaching oversight of executives' allocation of resources is also required.
The massive sum was 40 times bigger than the previous known demand by the European Commission to a company in such a case.
Apple saves billions of dollars in taxes through subsidiaries in Ireland, where it declares much of its overseas profit.
"Apple pays every tax dollar we owe," Cook said.
With all the U.S. corporate cash piling up on tiny Caribbean islands, it's a wonder the beaches can still accommodate sunbathers
The tech giant isn’t the only prominent company to skirt British taxes though. Starbucks announced last month that it paid
It's time to find out whether Mr. Cook's testimony regarding tax reform was honest or just more corporate lip service. The American people are tired of receiving nothing but Sour Apples!
Cook also hinted at updates to the company's iOS mobile software, saying the future of iOS would be evident when it holds
A political mobilization by citizens is clearly necessary to prevent politicians in the Senate and House from embracing the corporate version of corporate tax reform.
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