apple vs. samsung

The two companies will face off again next week at the Supreme Court.
The full text from the ads, according to MacRumors, reads: Apple is also stepping up its product recycling program in honor
The high-stakes business world can be a cutthroat place, but these comments made by a Samsung executive shortly after Steve
We speak to HuffPost Politics reporter Sabrina Siddiqui about recent calls by economists to abolish the U.S. patent system.
Apple's "loss of market share and of opportunities like a stalled China Mobile agreement are notable and, potentially, show
The patent dispute concerns the Android operating system versions 2.2.1 to 3.0 used on Samsung's Galaxy tablets and smartphones
Some apology, eh? So Apple is capable of saying "sorry." But maybe, in the case of its bitter rivalry with Samsung, it's
[hat tip, HuffPost Tech U.K.] However, iPhone 5 units have been flying off shelves since Apple released the device to the
The touch-screen technology is used in a number of applications running on Google's mobile platform Android. Industry analysts
Want a more unbiased look at how these phones really stack up to one another? Take a look at our chart comparing the specs