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"Thanks, Dr. O'Connor. You know, if you could wait a day, I'm almost finished with my next English essay." "That would include
I know much of this work is being taken up by BetterMakeRoom, but there's more than enough work to be done in college access
'Tis the season! While that statement inevitably makes many people think of holiday lights, or dreidels and menorahs, and gift buying, for thousands of high school seniors and their parents, December is the advent of college application deadlines.
This requires even more organization from the students, who have to complete the application, request a transcript from their
Don't have those clubs at your schools? Create your own! It's important for STEM students to seek out activities that match
The topic is skilled trades, a world of work that was supposed to die during the Great Recession and never come back. Evidently
Legacy is a controversial term in college admissions. If your family went to the university, legacy can help you in the admissions process at some universities. But often we get questions about how much it helps, what legacy is defined as, and how you can maximize your chances given legacy. In this article, we will go over these questions using data that we have extracted at Synocate over the past 6 years.
While we've been away this summer, the School Superintendent's Association (AASA) has released a series of National College
For many rising high school seniors, the summer between the 11th and 12th grades includes visits to a variety of colleges and universities to learn about options, see what fits, and decide where to apply.
While I wish you a great future, what I really wish for you is a great summer. Because if you learn to appreciate the now, you'll always have it to reflect on. If you forever focus on tomorrow, you'll never truly have today. Congratulations and good luck!
"The scariest moment is always just before you start." Stephen King on writing.
"But kids need to know what their score on the new SAT means to colleges." OK. Perhaps we should just talk about the real
I was just about to send out a "What the new application essay prompts are" email to students with whom I work. Right in the middle of writing it, it dawned on me that everyone should have access to this information, especially since it's not that easy to find.
It was supposed to be a quiet week in college admissions, but a story was rumbling beneath the typical spring headlines of "Colleges Receive Record Apps" last week that, if left unchecked, could trash the serene summer of many a rising senior--and it all has to do with guessing.
College applicant pools are deeper than ever. The slightest thing -- a B instead of an A or a typo in the essay -- is enough to push an admissions decision from a yay to a nay. Over the last few years, the competition has only become stiffer, especially at elite colleges.
Facts have their limits when it comes to matters of the heart, and college admissions is certainly one of those. At the same time, sharing some of these facts now might create an opportunity for the head to drive the college admissions bus for just a little while.
In late summer 2014, as he began his ninth and last year as the President of Cornell, David Skorton asked vital questions