Mark Burnett also says he hasn't threatened legal action against anyone who does.
I've known and admired Professor Sydney Finkelstein since I met him in 2009, read his #1 bestselling book, Why Smart Executives Fail, and sat in one of his executive education classes.
The Pope's hat is that tall because he needs a lot of room for his brains.
Donald Trump is the bull in a china shop, and I mean that in the nicest way. His competitors, delicate breakables, are lined up on the shelf, concerned that any bold move could topple them to the ground.
Its been nearly a decade after Tana Goertz was cut from season three of “The Apprentice,” but now Donald Trump has hired her to work on his campaign in Iowa.
Apprenticeships are still sometimes seen as a novelty instrument and are also vastly underutilized. The reality is that apprenticeship models deserve far more respect. While they might be a little out of synch and disruptive, that is exactly what the system need.
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Apprenticeships could be a successful solution for both the American student and economy. As the American economy matures and the demands of the job market change, so must our methods of education.
6. Most people do not want their kids to be looking up to someone who is so obviously without morals. I hear Trump's a teetotaler
NBC faced a considerably more difficult conundrum in 2007, when it appeared that Fred Thompson, the one-time Tennessee senator
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Wondered why anyone would stand on line in a cattle call for the "Apprentice." Still not sure I know, but a lot of realty show hopefuls did just that today. Success and stardom are elusive things.