These riders, which are substantive policy provisions intended to "ride" along with larger pieces of must-pass legislation
Lawmakers voted against publicly releasing informative, taxpayer-funded reports.
Conservatives on Capitol Hill want to make it easier to cut mandatory programs.
He became speaker promising a return to regular order and appropriations bills. At this point, he'll take anything he can get.
The Republican leading the charge says that when Congress comes back after November elections, "the American public gets screwed."
This spring, the greatest threat to the American people on the legislative calendar likely will come from appropriations -- the process for funding our government -- and the danger may be greater than it has been in previous years.
Faced with unprecedented opioid use the highest Hepatitis C infection rate in the country, Kentucky became the first Southern Addendum: "Dark Money Promotion Act" (selected provisions from Consolidated
Political scientists need a new sub-specialty to describe the end-of-year extravaganzas that influence peddlers and special interests have combined to make a Capital Christmas tradition: the racket of wholesale plundering of the government's treasury. Paraphrasing Willie Sutton, that's where the (tax-farmed and public-debt) money is.