approval rating

The coronavirus. Inflation. The stalled agenda. And maybe people don’t listen?
A president’s power over things like inflation are limited at best while some GOP governors work to sabotage his efforts to end the COVID pandemic.
Out of 1,007 randomly selected respondents, 55% said that the United States was worse now than it was in 2016.
The president has lost support even from his traditional backers: White voters, those without a college degree, and seniors, according to a new Gallup poll.
Americans continue to disapprove of his foreign policy, the survey finds.
The Wall Street Journal and NBC News poll the president quoted actually says his overall approval rating is 44 percent and his disapproval rating is 52 percent.
On the anniversary of his inauguration, most Americans disapprove of the president's performance.
Possible culprits: White House chaos, polling anomalies, the GOP's health care failure.
Donald Trump gets low marks from the public for his temperament.
The president can only dream of an approval rating as high as Nixon's in the early months of Watergate.
For a share of the public, views of the president are already deeply ingrained.
Some people who started with a neutral impression have soured after his first weeks in office.