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"Once he stopped chasing the flock that was incapable of seeing him, an instinct emerged."
"I was blinded by my own level of anxiety. You know, birth is a pretty dangerous event."
It happened without the use of pesticides or antibiotics.
"He knew what it was like to feel beat up and alone. But he didn't let that turn him bitter. He used it to make himself better."
As evident in the above video Chester produced, the pair immediately took to one another. Though Emma has since gone on to
So, Chester brought back the piglets. That's when a miracle happened. With her new unlikely friend, refreshed spirit and
Immediately after his birth, Chris' grandmother set the tone for his life. "My uncle phoned my grandma and grandpa to let
A lamb, he says, is "born without a cluttered mind." She doesn't go against her instinct; she's not waiting to act. "It makes