A selection of some of the best work from years of coverage on the Islamic State group.
The Cabinets and The Councils Baghdadi's first appearance on international radars was likely after the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Before embarking on another adventure to pacify the region, the United States must understand several basic facts that seemed to have eluded the architects of the war of 2003 -- an invasion that ultimately set Iraq up for its present dilemmas.
WASHINGTON -- The Iraqi branch of al Qaida, seeking to exploit the bloody turmoil in Syria to reassert its potency, carried
Obama's refusal to criticize the U.S. attack on Syria raises the prospect that rather than pursue the diplomatic route, he will instead "pick up where the Bush Administration has now ended."
Iraqis of all sectarian and ethnic groups believe that the U.S. military invasion is the primary root of the violent differences
  While it's impossible to tell exactly where Iraq will be, or where the American public will be come November, just because