I’m not convinced people are fully aware how the job of of female-minded criticism is complicated by the way we are treated by the men who read, watch and listen to our opinions.
Director James Wan weighs in on the wild speculation -- and answers some questions about his very unrelated project "Aquaman."
Returns were more modest for Disney’s “Mary Poppins” sequel and Paramount’s “Transformers” spinoff, "Bumblebee," though each had reason to expect strong business through the holidays.
We're not sure where Aquaman ends and Jason Momoa begins. Or what's going on with Patrick Wilson's Hair. We just wish there was more cheese.
The DC universe star breaks down exactly why we need more complex female superheroes.
The song, called “Ocean to Ocean,” is featured on the “Aquaman” soundtrack.
The Hawaiian actor crushes a war-dance tradition to usher in a potential DC blockbuster.
Aquaman reveals why his eyes change color, what his favorite cut scene is and why he regrets that one crappy comment.
When it comes to his thoughts on Batman and Superman leaving, Aquaman dives right in.
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The "Aquaman" star dives right in to his guest-hosting gig.
The stop-motion adventure dives into the deep end of goofiness.
The star really immersed herself in the underwater theme for the movie's London premiere.
The Jason Momoa-led superhero flick opens in theaters Dec. 21.
The film, co-starring Nicole Kidman, has had some of the biggest buzz at Comic-Con.
“It wasn’t until I saw the printout of the shot that I even realized Jason had done some improvising of his own.”