February babies share their birth month with some pretty cool people
The AstroTwins, Tali and Ophira Edut, share their star-guided selects in Justina Blakeney's new book The New Bohemians Handbook.
GOLEM is the authentic irony of our current epoch: the Monster that breaks down the wall between ego and the uncertain realm
The Hegelian opposites integrated into the Golden Age of the Hochzeit as performed by the venerable Kulturindustrie theorist, Dr. Laurence A. Rickels...
Of particular interest to me, in this strong and exceptionally cheerful festival, was Rithy Panh's new film, Exile. Panh
He noted that Michel Temer recently abolished the Cultural Ministry. "It's about resistance, but also about the energy you
Cancer: If you have Cancer rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Gemini. In
In a man's chart, his Moon Sign is the best indicator of the type of woman he sees, in a "traditional" sense, as his life
If Your Sun or Mars are in Virgo - You're attracted to a practical, reliable, down-to-earth man who is intelligent and well
7. The image for Aquarius is a youth pouring what looks like water from a vessel. Is Aquarius a feminine sign? And is the