Arab Muslims

Ever since we learned that 80 percent of self-described “born-again” Christians supported Donald Trump’s candidacy for president
by Maz Halima Some Pakistanis – at least in London where I am – pretend that they have Arab heritage. This is a fact that
It misleads us into believing in an outwardly directed solution to the predicaments of anti-South Asian bigotry.
The most shocking aspect of President Trump’s speech – perhaps except for the singling out of Iran ― was the lack of shocking language.
Trump's speech is the main event during his visit to Saudi Arabia.
Black Muslims make up a quarter of the American Muslim population. But they often feel overlooked.
“They said it wouldn’t work...almost 4 years later, still blissfully in love.”
Muslim millennials are committed to their faith; recognized a need for renewal in Muslim discourse; saw a need for a more visible role for women in religious life; believed that religion would play an important part in their country's future; and rejected extremist groups as a perversion of their faith.
In the nightmarish maelstrom that defines the Middle East today, there are few places of refuge for Christians. While Iraq
The Knesset on Monday approved a controversial law, whose ultimate aim, according to its sponsor, is to distinguish between