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The Complexe is a model for how reproductive health care services can be part of an entire fabric of a neighborhood and garner
Credit: Mohammed Rayes, Arab News British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit
The Nuqat conference was followed by four days of intensive workshops including designing and producing Arabic fonts using
"That requires critical thinking, and ultimately self-criticism," she said. "Sadly education today isn't up to snuff, it's
It was also interesting to see that while most respondents didn't favor Trump, many of the same respondents agreed with a
There is hope yet for citizenship and dignity, as we saw on the faces of people who took to the streets across Moroccan cities, denouncing the death of the young fish seller Mouhcine Fikri Al-Hoceima.
This article first appeared as an E-Note of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Some perspective on these responses emerges
There are public, private, and religious schools (that could be either publicly funded or privately subsidized) and learning
Perhaps more important than acknowledging my privilege--although generally less discussed--I am aware of the responsibilities that emanate from my privilege.
How can we improve women’s access to economic opportunities in the Arab world? And more importantly, their access to entrepreneurial
- Al Arabiya English: Late last year, you mentioned that ISIS could mount a cyberattack in Japan. Also Japan - like Saudi
To make it simpler for all of us, we should remember that there are only two entities who possess the capabilities to launch
To bring back the topic to cultural diplomacy, I think Syrian refugees would be doing themselves a great favor if they show more keenness to integrate and respect the culture of their new home countries.
The majority of those with such arguments took a very narrow-sighted view. To them, the devaluation of the pound sterling
Motivated by a desire to rebuild Syria’s devastated economy, enterprising young women in the war-torn country are turning
Internal investigations are underway to reveal the identity of perpetrators and whether or not the attacks were coordinated. Until then, it is safe to say that all three cases carry ISIS-like fingerprints, both in terms of execution and motives.
I left Damascus in the morning, sharing a taxi with an Iraqi dentist who lived in Texas, a teenage boy from Daraa, and an old woman whose hands were permanently dyed indigo from years of clothes making.
Regardless of whether it can convince the Arab street of its stance, Moscow would benefit much more from a stronger presence on mainstream and credible Arabic media outlets.
UAE Minister of State for Happiness Ohood Al Roumi (Abu-Fadil) The Arab Social Media Network, a Dubai Press Club enterprise