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No women only. In this it has succeeded. I'm in Fes, Morocco at the Complexe Lalla Fatima Zagra Laazizia, run by Moroccan
Credit: Mohammed Rayes, Arab News British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit
His talk coincided with the Barjeel Foundation's opening of the Hurufiyya: Art and Identity exhibition on letterism. Tarek
First known as "Nuqat Ala Al Huroof" (dots on letters), it has hosted a yearly conference since 2009 that includes workshops
Similarly, as popular as Clinton is today (although she is definitely not as popular as Obama was in the Arab world back
There is hope yet for citizenship and dignity, as we saw on the faces of people who took to the streets across Moroccan cities, denouncing the death of the young fish seller Mouhcine Fikri Al-Hoceima.
The Twitter data about Iran, considered in light of the skew toward older Saudis in the telephone survey, also hints at a
All of these elements have become part of the intertwined, integrated and multimedia content, interaction, and audiences
Perhaps more important than acknowledging my privilege--although generally less discussed--I am aware of the responsibilities that emanate from my privilege.
How can we improve women’s access to economic opportunities in the Arab world? And more importantly, their access to entrepreneurial