One of President Donald Trump’s less admirable qualities is his warm regard for foreign dictators. They don’t have to be
From this came the timeless Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. (Actually, Sidonious only named six. The seventh - the Lighthouse
I'm seldom impressed with celebrities, but I have to say that somehow their stars shine brighter in Dubai.
Kobra. No Limit Borås, Sweden. September 2014. (photo © Anders Kihl) Ekta. No Limit Borås, Sweden. September 2014. (photo
Would you use an app that sends a message to other users in the area so they could go break up with your boyfriend, or propose to your sweetheart? Well, artist/filmmaker and writer Miranda July thinks you should.
Nicholas became frustrated. I told you already. I'll live in a society where women aren't allowed to drive. And the kicker
Qatar is aspiring to be the hub that spokes to the world, with its vast investments, its satellite television network, Al Jazeera, among the most watched in the world, and its global philanthropy.
According to Discovery News, the pearl is 0.07 inches in diameter and remains fully intact. Pearls buried with the deceased
Indeed, the new roles being played by the GCC as an effective bloc within the regional balance of power require reconsidering
Let's try something new for a change, using age-old wisdom that actually worked: one that has brought peace to both ancient Arabia and the so-called "new" world already.